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Handmade Silver Jewellery

Handmade Silver Jewellery and watches from MassArt. One of the most exclusive handmade, fairly trades and contemporaty silver 925 jewellery collections online, from earrings to silver necklaces and silver rings, designer bracelets and silver watches including handcrafted jewellery and gemstones.


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MassArt jewellery retail and wholesale shop
and website has an vast collection of handmade silver jewellery. There is a fantastic wealth of designers who design and make their own handmade silver jewellery rang
e. We at MassArt always have unusual and new designers joining us. We are currently building up a collection from an artisan who designs high quality rings combing silver and gold which are all handmade by him.

This handmade silver jewellery
especially his combination swivle rings have proven to be very popular. As an individuall craftsman and trained jewellery designer producing producing special and unique handmade silver jewellery. The main body of his and my other artisans and designers are that all their work is handmade silver jewellery focuses on the texture of hand beaten silver and gold and unique designs, fused with semi precious stones, pearls, crystals and gold.

All our designer are well known and respected in their field of speciality creating wearable works of art of handmade silver jewellery based in Isarel and other parts of the world. Their designs are always changing and developing as each piece is handmade. Their  work is now being sold throughout the world.



All of our designers and artisans making  handmade silver jewellery has proven to be very popular on the Massart Web Site. Their designs are high quality, unique and contemporary and faily traded which is part of their design ethos. Their handmade silver jewellery combines a matt and polished finish.

Handmade silver jewellery
is becoming more and more popular. Its uniqueness and quality is reflected in its price but people are more prepared now than ever to pay that price for individuality, for individual high quanlity handmade silver jewellery.


We sell to both consumers and shops. Shopowners can request a trade account.